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9 of 12 – Practice Self-Compassion: Be Kind to Yourself

Practice Self-Compassion: Be Kind to Yourself ~9 of 12~


The emotional rollercoaster of divorce often brings feelings of failure, regret, and diminished self-worth. Judgmental inner voices may criticize your perceived shortcomings. Quieting these with self-compassion is necessary. Think of self-compassion as the gentle voice that kindly reassures you when you need it most. It acknowledges the challenges you face, though with love – not criticism.


Self-compassion means extending the same caring attitude towards yourself that you would show a dear friend struggling with divorce.¬

Talk to yourself with understanding and patience as you navigate this rocky terrain.¬

Forgive slip-ups or outbursts borne of grief.¬

Celebrate courageous moments of resilience along the winding path.¬†¬


You can foster self-compassion by:

– Writing encouraging notes to yourself when old negative self-talk patterns emerge

– Sipping tea slowly while reflecting on positive affirmations¬†¬

– Journaling the lessons and insights gained thus far through the divorce


Divorce may test you. Meeting those tests with self-judgment only piles on unnecessary suffering. Anchoring in self-compassion helps you weather the storms to continue shining brightly until the sky clears again. You’ve got this!

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