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10 of 12 – Find Healthy Emotional Outlets: Safely Process Intense Feelings

Find Healthy Emotional Outlets: Safely Process Intense Feelings ~10 of 12~


The grief, anger, confusion, and sadness stirred up by divorce need a healthy outlet for release and processing. Emotions denied or suppressed will inevitably resurface over time in destructive ways that undermine your peace and well-being. Openly feeling them through productive outlets provides emotional cleansing on your journey to wholeness again.


Here are some ideas for safely processing divorce emotions to prevent destructive outbursts or impulsive decisions:¬†¬

– Join a divorce support group to vent in a judgment-free space¬†¬

– Try emotionally liberating exercises like hitting a pillow while yelling or ripping up old magazines

– Write uncensored letters or journal entries to release your innermost feelings

– Listen to evocative music and allow yourself to cry or scream out loud

– Talk to a therapist trained in divorce-related trauma

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Releasing the intensity of painful emotions prevents them from festering and interfering with your clarity moving forward. Think of them as passing storms, intimidating yet temporary. The calm after the storm of crying or safely venting emotionally brings fresh perspective and strength.

Be extra gentle with yourself during this turbulent period. DO feel it all rather than numbing out. You Rock!

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