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8 of 12 – Engage in Enjoyable Activities: Make Time for Joy Amidst Divorce

Engage in Enjoyable Activities: Make Time for Joy Amidst Divorce ~8 of 12~


Divorce’s logistical, financial, and emotional demands can consume your entire life. Each day may revolve around attorney meetings, court dates, housing changes, and child care. Making space for activities unrelated to divorce that spark joy and fulfillment is essential self-care.¬

Devote time to what enlivens your unique spirit. This can help relieve stress and restore a sense of normalcy. Tapping into stable parts of your identity becomes an anchor during unwelcome changes. Enjoyable activities also shift focus to your blessings instead of all the challenges, visible and invisible


Here are some ideas:

– Reconnect with a beloved hobby like painting, hiking, or baking

– Learn something new, like a language, instrument, or crafting technique, via online tutorials¬†¬

– Join a club or volunteer for a cause near and dear to your heart

As much as possible, resist placing your entire life on hold until the divorce is finalized. Humans require joy and meaning to thrive. By infusing self-care activities into each week that bring you joy, you change your mindset from victim to active creator of your circumstances.

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Life may feel upside down, and you get to choose areas where you maintain control. Self-care through enjoyable activities liberates you from feeling imprisoned. Instead, you create pockets of freedom – momentary yet powerful.

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