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7 of 12 – Set Boundaries: Protect Your Emotional Space

Set Boundaries: Protect Your Emotional Space ~7 of 12~


Going through a divorce often means well-meaning friends and family will offer a deluge of advice, opinions, and questions that may feel intrusive. Having to rehash painful details or justify personal choices can quickly deplete you emotionally. That’s why establishing clear boundaries is essential self-care.

Healthy boundaries allow you to retain control over what you keep private versus share publicly during divorce proceedings. They also enable you to devote energy to healing rather than constantly explaining yourself.


Here are some examples of maintaining personal boundaries amidst divorce:

– Politely tell friends or relatives when you don’t wish to discuss specifics. “Thanks for understanding. I’m not comfortable sharing more at the moment.”

– If divulged info is used against you, rethink what you disclose moving forward.

– Limit time spent with people who don’t respect your boundaries even after explaining your needs.

Setting boundaries may be uncomfortable initially. They are pivotal for your well-being. They allow you to nurture your innate self-trust rather than looking externally for self-validation.


Honoring your boundaries also enables you to act from an emotionally centered place of power rather than fragility during negotiations, conversations, and decision-making required in divorce. Protecting your inner light safeguards your ability to shine brightly.

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