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4 of 12 – Exercise Regularly: Physical Activity Reduces Stress

Exercise Regularly: Physical Activity Reduces Stress ~4 of 12~


The multitude of stressors during divorce can leave you feeling emotionally and physically drained. Carving out time for regular exercise provides a healthy outlet for releasing pent-up tensions, anxieties, and frustration. Both the physical exertion and biochemical changes that exercise triggers in your body have the net effect of lifting your mood, boosting energy levels, and calming your nervous system.


Even on the most hectic days, incorporate small bursts of activity that get your body moving:


– Take the stairs fast at work or the mall for an extra cardio boost¬

– Do squats or lunges during TV commercial breaks

– Go for a 10-minute walk to clear your head

– Follow a quick home cardio workout video when you wake up¬

In addition to daily minor activities, make the time a few days a week for longer workouts like going to an exercise class (Zumba, etc.), swimming laps, running, cycling, playing sports, etc. These sustained exertion sessions will increase blood flow while releasing feel-good endorphins and dopamine to stabilize your mood naturally.


Exercise is a constructive coping mechanism that allows you to channel the intense emotions of divorce into productive self-care rather than destructive outlets. Each time you choose movement, you prioritize your physical and mental wellness during an emotionally tumultuous period. Sweating and breathing deeply can be the first step to finding inner peace.

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