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5 of 12 – Practice Mindfulness: Calm Your Mind in the Present Moment

Practice Mindfulness: Calm Your Mind in the Present Moment ~5 of 12~


Divorce’s emotional turbulence and uncertainty can stir up constant mental chatter and worrying thoughts. Ruminating on the past or anxiously fixating on the future are common reactions. The practice of mindfulness helps anchor you calmly in the present moment to cultivate greater inner peace during this transition.¬

Mindfulness taps into your inner wisdom which exists underneath the noisy thoughts clamoring for your attention. Setting aside deliberate time to ground yourself takes away their power so you can access more profound truths.


Here are some simple yet powerful mindfulness practices:¬†¬

– Close your eyes and take 5 slow, deep breaths into your stomach, concentrating entirely on your inhales and exhales

– Gently stretch while consciously releasing tension from your body¬†¬

– Step outside and allow nature‚Äôs sights, smells, and sounds to awaken your senses¬

– Slowly eat a favorite food, savoring the texture and flavors¬†¬

The more regularly you tap into mindful moments, the more this state of relaxed awareness starts to permeate your entire day. Your reactions become less emotionally charged, your perspective widens, and you think more clearly despite external chaos.


Making mindfulness non-negotiable self-care empowers you to respond thoughtfully rather than reactively. Your inner light can never be dimmed without your consent. Tend to your inner fire through daily mindfulness; you will illuminate the path ahead, even during divorce’s darkest passageways.

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