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2 of 12 – Prioritize Sleep: Getting Enough Rest Helps You Cope

Prioritize Sleep: Getting Enough Rest Helps You Cope ~2 of 12~


Your sleep is often one of the first things impacted during divorce. The emotional anguish, logistical concerns, and potential financial worries preoccupy your mind – they can all disrupt your ability to unwind at night. Get adequate rest to help you effectively cope with the turbulence of divorce.

Here’s the reality – a lack of sleep leaves you more vulnerable to amplified emotional reactions, difficulty concentrating, impaired judgment, and increased cravings for comfort foods. This perfect storm works against your best interests. By prioritizing sleep, you can restore inner balance to weather the ups and downs with better stability.


Practical strategies to help you wind down for more restorative sleep include:

– Establish a relaxing pre-bedtime ritual such as taking a warm bath, sipping chamomile tea, or practicing gentle yoga stretches

– Write all your worries and to-do’s in a brain dump journal so they’re out of your head before bed 

– Create a sleep sanctuary free of any screens or distractions

– Listen to a guided sleep meditation while cocooned comfortably with a weighted blanket


By setting yourself up for restful, consistent sleep, you’re giving yourself the best fighting chance to meet each new divorce-related challenge with the calm clarity and wisdom that arises when you’re well-rested. At times, it can feel inescapably oppressive. Taking back control of your sleep helps provide light even during the darkest of nights.

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