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Still Struggling After Your Loss?

Have you heard things like: 

“Focus on the positive!” 

“Keep yourself busy.”

“Time heals all wounds.”

And no matter how much you try to follow their advice, the pain still drags you down.  

It could be the song that unexpectedly plays, triggering a flood of memories.

Or the retired couples holding hands that make you burst into tears.

Or just the quiet mornings when you reach across the cold, empty space and feel the gaping hole all over again.

The truth is, cliches and platitudes fall flat when your world has been shattered. 

How many times have you tried to talk to friends about what’s happening? 

How many times have you found yourself feeling misunderstood, frustrated, or even embarrassed?

As if the pain of your situation wasn’t enough. 

What you need is something far more powerful…

Our 90-Minute R.I.S.E. Gatherings

Remember, the best way to heal is in community.

Every week, an intimate circle of fellow divorcees and widows come together on Zoom for 90 minutes of:

Connection: You don’t have to go through this alone. Connect with others who understand what you’re going through and provide a safe space for sharing your story.

Understanding: Gain clarity on what you’re experiencing and why. Learn how to navigate challenges like co-parenting, financial decisions, and new relationships.

Support: Feel seen, heard, and understood when you need it most. Let go of feelings of guilt, shame, and fear as you walk alongside those who get it.

Relief: Find peace in knowing there’s hope for moving forward. Discover practical tools and strategies to help you rebuild your life and move toward a brighter future.

And so much more!  

Here’s what members have said:  

“I finally feel understood – these women just get it.”

* Amanda, 32, Recently Divorced

“I’m excited about life again for the first time in years. My R.I.S.E sisters lifted me up.”

* Patricia, 58, Widowed

“I can breathe again. I have hope again. This group gave me my wings back.” 

* Brandi, 44, Divorced


In weekly 90-minute Zoom sessions, we dive into topics like managing grief, navigating legal issues, rebuilding your identity, and more. We also take time to connect, share our stories, support each other, and find relief from the burden we carry.

We know it’s hard to take the first step. We want to encourage you: This journey isn’t meant to be walked alone. And there is always time to seek out the support you deserve.   

Click below to join a R.I.S.E. Gathering today.
We have 2 types of Gatherings.

  • A 25-member (R.I.S.E. 25), paid weekly.
  • A 6-member (R.I.S.E. Gathering), paid yearly (if you need to pay monthly tell Franya when you schedule your Clairity Call.)

Your investment includes access to the weekly live group calls for each Group.

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