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Still Struggling to See the Light After Separation?

Get the Personalized Help You Deserve Through One-on-One Divorce Coaching

You’ve tried to follow the standard advice…
“Focus on self-care!”  
“Join a support group.”
“Start a new hobby!”

And with every yoga class and girls’ night out, something still feels missing. The pain, anger, and uncertainty won’t budge. 

You paste on a smile so your kids and friends stop worrying. Inside, you’re still searching for the way forward…

Introducing One-on-One Divorce Recovery Coaching with SHero Founder Franya K. Isley

As someone who has been through a crazy divorce herself decades ago, Franya has guided women to reclaim their self-confidence.  

She knows first-hand the early morning moments when the fears creep in. The exhaustion that comes with putting yourself last again. The frustration of friends not understanding divorce’s impacts.

Through her proven approach of empathy, practical strategy, and compassionate accountability, Franya can help you:

❤️ Work through complex emotional obstacles

❤️ Regain your sense of purpose  

❤️ Heal and grow into an even stronger you

❤️ Move forward feeling equipped and optimistic

The possibilities are endless when you have the right guide.

Here’s what women are saying:

“I felt so lost before coaching with Franya. Now I have a customized roadmap to my best life.” – Josie, Newly Separated

“Franya helped me reframe my mindset from victimhood to courageousness.” – Jessica, 38, Divorced  

“I’m making decisions aligned with who I really am. Franya’s guidance gave me the clarity I desperately needed.” – Lisa, 56, Divorced

What You Can Expect During Our Sessions

During our one-on-one coaching sessions, we’ll focus on whatever issues are most important to you right now. Here are some examples of things we might discuss:


  1. Emotional Support: If you’re feeling overwhelmed or struggling to deal with strong emotions like grief, anger, or anxiety, we can talk about how to work through those feelings effectively.
  1. Parenting Challenges: If you have children, we can discuss ways to create a healthy and loving environment for them, even when both parents aren’t living under the same roof anymore.
  1. Relationship Issues: If you’re dealing with conflict with your ex or wondering how to navigate relationships with family members and friends, we can develop strategies for managing those situations.
  1. Financial Planning: As you begin to rebuild your life, financial planning may not be at the top of your list (though it should be!). We can talk about budgeting, saving money, investing, and other topics related to long-term financial stability.
  1. Career Development: Whether you’re thinking about changing jobs, starting a new business, or simply getting back into the job market after being out of work for a while, we can explore ways to boost your career prospects.

How Do Our Sessions Work?  

We’ll schedule our sessions ahead of time using a scheduling platform. Once you’ve scheduled your session, we’ll meet via Zoom for our one-hour call.

At the end of our session, we’ll summarize any action items or next steps we discussed so you know exactly what needs to happen next.  

After our call, I’ll follow up with you to check in on your progress, answer additional questions, or schedule future appointments as needed.

Take control and invest in yourself today!

Limited 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions Available Starting at $60  

Request Your Breakthrough Session Now!

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